Friday, February 7, 2014

An FIR, a tweet and the End of History

By Naseer A Ganai

All of sudden media fraternity woke up to breaking news on a TV that a lady has filed complaint against Minister of State for Health accusing him of molestation. Police have filed FIR and Minister is likely to be arrested. Fine. That is it.

After that no one came to fore to explain, where FIR has been registered, what is the complaint and what are the sections under which FIR has been registered and who is the accused. As if great typhoon had struck police and humbled it.

Information started coming in bits and pieces. It was all wired.

It was like last year’s SHALBHOT (Jackal Hill) area of the Keran sector. You could write anything. It was up to your imagination. More you stretch it more space you had to write. So people wrote. Whatever they wished attributing everything to sources.  And sources are sources. They have authority without responsibility. Sources too are prone to imagination. They started imagining what might have happened.

Some sources said the victim went to a court first. Other sources said she directly went to police station. Others said that the court directed police to register a FIR. Others said police took the lead and filed FIR. Since no official was picking up phone or divulging information, sources had field day. They bombarded journos with source information.

By Friday things started going so hazy that a friend quoting a source said that even FIR has not been registered. It was becoming more and more confusing. Other friend said that cops took a santro car to arrest the Minister. Wow. It was like Bollywood film. FIR hai bi aur nahi bi, aur car bi hai. Only thing missing was background sound. Anything could have happened now.
I started thinking may be everything is farce. Soon Shabir Khan, Minister of State for Health will emerge and say everything is wrong, he did nothing unhealthy and nasty.  

Then I set eyes on the twitter. There was no tweet from the twitter-in-chief of the State. How could he remain silent when there is such a thing going on? If he has not tweeted it means nothing has happened. The mixed signals from sources were creating more confusion. A friend said he was asked by his sources to write whatever he wishes. That means there is something. It also means there is nothing.

All of sudden someone disclosed that the CM is going to tweet. This was the only thing the CM does and strangely he was not doing it. Then after some minutes the CM did tweet. That the Minister of State for Health has resigned. So it means FIR was registered, complaint was there and the Minister was accused.

I still wonder why police left everything to sources to talk about the FIR when the FIR was registered. They could have simply said FIR has been registered against accused person, who happen to be a Minister and case is under investigation. Baat Khatam.

But then common sense is not so common. In this case police felt if it discloses that FIR has been registered and the Minister is accused, then it would mean, what Francis Fukuyama called, the End of History. Everything is going to end. It would be end of civilisation. Hence the mystery!

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