Monday, November 25, 2013

Of BOPEE, Omar and his Kiyanis

By Naseer A Ganai

National Conference likes to take credit of everything that happens in Jammu and Kashmir. Like Peoples Democratic Party, which sees itself as the party of statesmen and projects every meeting between Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan as fruits of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed’s policies of 2003, the NC also has bizarre parameters of taking credit.

Even if Rahul Gandhi’ snubs NC leader in public, that too is construed as positive sign by the party. After all, they would say, it was snub from Rahul Baba. So it was not unusual on the part of the NC to take credit of the recent revelations about MBBS exam scandal.

The BOPEE officials allegedly in league with few brokers are accused of selling exam papers to greedy people ahead of the examination. The NC leadership says they exposed the scandal. The Crime Branch claims they did it. For year on the Crime Branch was sitting on the eggs presuming the case would get solved on its own. The impotent government, which takes credit of exposing the case now, waited for over a year that the Crime Branch would deliver something in the end. It waited for a year for promised delivery never realising that even Viagra doesn’t help the impotent. The Crime Branch delivered after the High Court intervened.  

The crime is so grave that the government should have apologised to people for posting Mushtaq Peer as BOPEE chief. What was the need of getting a professor from the university and posting him as chief of the BOPEE? The government does same thing with the Board of School Education (BOSE). The impersonation case of the Minister for Some Unknown Enterprises, Peerzada Sayeed’s son surfaced during the former BOSE Chairman Bashir Ahmad Sheikh’s tenure, who initially described it as issue of copying. Sheikh was professor in some collage before being posted as the BOSE chief. The government, however, found in him spark of genius like Mushtaq Peer and decided to appoint him as chairman of the BOSE. He left BOSE like Peer after ruining it. This is what professors do when appointed to handle the jobs they have no expertise of and qualification.

When a person retires, he should be graciously asked to retire, sit at home and take care of his grandchildren. If he has talent he would do something great. He would write a book or two. Or open some new enterprise. People do lot many good things after retirement. Here they only seek an extension after extension. They should realise that they are not General Ashfaq Kiyanis that they need extension.  Their retirement would not tilt the geo-strategic balance and cause anxiety around the world. Even Kiyani’s is retiring.

Look at the members of the Public Service Commission (PSC). They are all retired chamchas. In 2010, the PSC was accused of facilitating children and relatives of some of its’ members in the CCS exam by giving them higher marks in the interview.

So there is no place for retired deadwood in the PSC, SSRB, BOSE, BOPEE, RTO and other departments. They ruin even culture, language and heritage of the departments. Utmost care should be taken while posting lower rung officials in PSC, SSRB, BOSE, RTO and BOPEE. Honesty and competence should be benchmark.

Instead of a retired officer, a serving official can do better. He is accountable. And he can say no. What can politician do it to him except sending him to another department? This retired army of officials that Omar Abdullah and his predecessors have given extension after extension is killing talent here.

The government has given extension to RTO as if he was doing some exemplary work and without him all vehicles would have halted. And we all know how system works in the RTO? The government should have posted some young honest official as RTO and it would have felt change on the roads.

There is great talent in Kashmir. There are honest and young official, who have guts to say no to the greedy politicians. There are officials, who are not worried about transfers. There are officials, who want to do something. But young and dynamic chief minister would not find them anywhere because he seems overawed by the retirees. And when scams surfaces, he says I exposed them. So be thankful to me and my Kiyanis. They are not going to retire.

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