Thursday, November 7, 2013

Muzaffer Parray aur peechay say

By Naseer A Ganai

Several Congress leaders were addressing few hundred congress workers at Congress headquarters at M.A Road in Srinagar today. Since they were waiting for the Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, they thought it better to engage workers-both men and women- by sermonising them.

The congress vice-president Muzaffer Parray was conducting the proceedings. Once in his address, he said, the speakers should not criticise openly each other. In private after permission they can, he said. 

Then came some Abid Hussain. He praised Sham Lal and described him the best Minister available among Congress lot. His speech evoked angry shouts. Mostly pro-Taj Mohideen slogans. Taj Mohidden also gave long speech. He asked workers that they would now get Rs 3 kg rice and they should get ration cards to avail the benefit.

But Nisar Ahmad, who was introduced as general secretary youth wing of State congress, gave an interesting speech. He went upto the dias and commenced his address. Congress is future and more and more youth should join the Congress. Congress is a great…and soon he cut short his short speech saying he has to conclude as “Parray sahab mujay peechay say kuch kar rahain hai,” he said. Parray, who was few inches behind him, had singled him to cut short his speech.

Red faced Parray could not tolerate this accusation that he was doing “kuch kuch” in public. So he explained in serious and grave mood, “We Kashmiris often don’t know how to translate Kashmiri into Urdu. That is why peechay say things happen.” And this evoked laughter from all sides. By now everyone understood peechay say. 
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