Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Away from Zuckerberg’s people

By Naseer A Ganai

Many a times I thought I should leave the Facebook. I was sick of it. A friend once wrote that everyone on the facebook is happy, smiling and coming or going to Honolulu. But I tell you all is not well there.

Some are even getting crushed under their own weight, some JD is looking for AB and some AA is dying for CD. Some are feeling possessed, some upload saddest of sad songs. Some write to demolish friends and colleagues. Some start discussing Kashmir and end up discussing Kashmiris and then Peers and fakirs. Some are only interested in shes, hers and theirs. All women are girls there. And all girls are young.

Some shout, “rain!.” Some cry “snow!.” For some "It is sunny outside." For some, “life is miserable” and they put this “miserable life” as their status message. Some wives are so fond of their husbands that they write: “Without you Janu, I would have damn ended up somewhere else. Thanks for rescuing me.” There is shock and awe in these status messages.

It is mad world out there. So the other day I decided to give up this brave new mad world. I gave up citizenship of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg’s empire.

I went off from the FB after deactivating it temporarily. And I felt liberated. I am no longer in AB, CD and JD world. That time I wanted to address people and wanted tell them what liberation means. But there was no one available. Perhaps JD was chatting with AB and the CD with BC. All were on-line.

I started looking at books which I had bought but never read. I thought I will devour them. Read them. Reread them. Memorize them. It was different feeling.

I took a book, Love Virtually and read its' few pages. Soon I was restless. I tossed it to one side as the book tells about online world and online love. The book made me think about online world again. What JD might have written to CD and what BC might have written to DD. I wanted to know. And there was no way to know it.

I was thinking whether these people would have been feeling my absence. It is 12 hours and I am off from the Facebook. And no one showed up to ask me where are you? Damn. There was not even a condolence message over my temporary on-line demise. The world is indifferent. But  I never thought it can be so callously indifferent.

I finally decided to log in again. And when I logged in, I found no change in the on-line world. It was smiling, joking and discussing. JD had uploaded his pictures with smile on his lips, laptop in his lap and his legs under blanket. He had captioned it as “warm!”. CD had uploaded his bedroom pictures. ‘Me in my favourite bedroom.” Another was sad and had posted: “three more died in an accident.” This status was getting lot of likes.

 Another person, let us call him CC, was worried about gay rights in Syria. Another had posted Nietzsche’s quote about unhappy marriage and another one had posted about Omar Abdullah and his occupation in coming week. A journalist friend had uploaded his story. Uploading one's own story on the Facebook means aa bail mujhe maar. Anyway some people  are fond of bails.

A friend had uploaded smiling pictures of a group of women in Royal Spring Golf Course. They were jumping. Affectingly looking at each other. But I should tell you that no one among these youngsters was less than 45 years. Jumping and smiling often gives good notion about your age. I thought I would send friend request to all these jumping youngsters but then resisted the great temptation. Who is sending friend request to whom, tops gossip charts here. And it becomes a top rumour in the online world.

All this made me realise that no one cares about whether I am on the Facebook or not. So in order to make my presence felt, I, as usual, uploaded some articles from some heavy weights without reading them. I also went on at like spree and started liking every picture that was uploaded by people across the globe. Like politics is big politics in the online world. Some people even ask: why you did not like my picture? And some even ask: why didn't you comment on my picture, post, please comment in the evening. So keep on liking. 

I was waiting that someone would tell me-where were you for past 12 hours. But no one asked. This Zuckerberg world is callous than America. May America drone it to death! But till it does so, I am on Facebook. And I like it!


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