Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Doctor's argument

By Naseer A Ganai
Do you know why everyone here is angry with doctors? Why some people criticise them, some abuse them, others beat them up? He did not wait for my answer. And I had none.

Because, he said, there is anger and suffering everywhere and you cannot do anything but to tolerate it. And once you reach to a hospital you give vent to this anger and target doctors. You have to vent this accumulative anger somewhere, so why not on doctors.

We were in a hospital ward, when he said that the world outside is brute world. It is merciless world. It kills you and that too slowly. It makes you angry, depressive and abusive.   

For example, he explained, a policeman lays hand on your son; arrests him on charges of stone pelting. What will you do? Nothing. You cannot tell police that he was not involved in the stone pelting. You go to a court, you hire a lawyer, pay him his wages and get your son released on bail.

You walk on a road, stray dogs pull you down and they take one or two bites of your body, you cannot bite them back. You just tolerate this too.

You go to a government office. A clerk there keeps you waiting till eternity only to you tell you that come again tomorrow. You tolerate it. You go to a ration depot and come home with third rate rice and sugar; you just mix this rice with anger and eat it in the evening.

You travel in a bus, which takes years to cover five km distance. You see people dying in an avoidable road accidents, you see parents being fleeced in the name of school fee, you see teachers not teaching in government schools, you see fraud and bungling in recruitments and you tolerate all this. Because you know you cannot do anything.

All of sudden some of your close doesn’t tolerate all this madness around and takes poison or falls ill. You rush him to a hospital and here you want that a doctor should leave all other patients and see your relative first. It is genuine human feeling. But you see the doctor busy with other patients. You realise that it will take him time to reach to your relative. It is matter of death and life for you.All your accumulative anger bursts out and the doctor becomes target of this anger. He is pushed, abused and at times kicked. Because, you cannot push, abuse or kick anyone in the brave new world outside this hospital. There you have limitation. Here you have none. 
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