Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arguments against an argumentative Indian

Nothing is going to change here. People of Kashmir will continue their struggle for freedom, and Government of India will continue to subdue them.

The battle-lines are clear now. The Government of India believes in procrastination and buying time. It understands that by involving civil society actors and media, it can successfully dilute aspirations of people.
In 63 years scores of anti-India movements rose in Kashmir and in 63 years government of India relented on nothing. Even on the revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act they will have meetings after meetings. The government of India has taken only decision on Kashmir, and that is not to take any decision but continue with the status quo. Kashmiris too have taken the decision, that is to end the status quo.

To maintain the status quo Government of India has projected itself as victim of violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu means Doda, Kishtwar, Rajouri, Poonch, Ramban, Gool, Gulbargh. It doesn’t mean Jammu district and Kathua.
It cited incidents like cross border terrorism, infiltration as causes for its victim-hood and justified human rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, incidents of past three months have put Indian State, Indian intellectuals and human rights activists on the back-foot. The democratic India and its argumentative intellectuals couldn’t justify beating to death of an eight year old boy in Batmaloo. They couldn’t argue to defend the State when forces fired 70-pellets at an 11-year-old in the Anantnag town. They couldn’t justify killing of three teenagers in the lawn of their house in front their parents in South Kashmir. They couldn’t justify how can stones, howsoever big in the hands of an eight year old, be responded with pellets and bullets. Hence they devised the procrastination strategy.

First they asked Kashmiri to open his heart and mind to them as they are trying to understand him. They spoke in mellowed voices. Look we understand your pain and agony. Look what is going on over there should stop. Time has come that we should talk to each other. Even after 60 years they want to understand us and talk to us! They say we have not done much talking. So let us start engaging each other. Kashmiris took the challenge and started talking. The talking didn’t help them either.

This time Kashmiri talked and talked without ambiguity. In TV studios, in closed rooms, open places, in parks and on the roads, he talked in one voice. He didn’t betray the slogan of Go India Go Back written on the walls, roads, and houses in valley. The resonance of the slogan by Kashmiris across the board frightened India and its intellectuals who are averse to un-Indian questions posed to Indians in TV studios in New Delhi and outside India.

Feeling argumentative Indian is losing argument before Kashmiris, they targeted some of Kashmiri intellectuals who had defeated them on talk shows at BBC, and other international media forums.

They wrote editorials against them. Personal attacks were launched against them. They said how come these educated Kashmris speak against us in the foreign soil. They forget the speeches given by Nehru, and Gandhi on the foreign soil against British Raj.

Perturbed, they again want to portray Kashmir as a curious case of violence. Hence they are in a process of spinning theories. To justify their bullets, they said the protesters fired bullet first.
India talks in the language of peace to countries that matter in the world. It portrays itself as a soft state which supports human rights, democracy and liberal values. And it forgets that whatever police and security forces are doing in Kashmir that is the negation of everything that India projects itself to outside world. It feels Kashmiri is out to expose real face of the Indian State to outside world and he must be stopped.

In such scenario violence suits the State. So Kashmiri must adhere to what leadership, be it Geelani, Yasin, or Mirwaiz, is saying. The leadership across the board is saying that peaceful protests should be peaceful. That advice must be adhered to. If the protesters indulge in slight violence, it only gives excuse to the Indian state through its media and other networks to project it as bigger violence which, if not quelled through violence, has larger ramifications. So they argue we are killing in self-defense. Kashmiris must take away this last argument from them. The state will try through its stooges to do certain unkashmiri things and blame it on Kashmiris. This must be looked into with all seriousness as Kashmiris are in process of taking away the last argument from argumentative Indian. That will bring the real change.