Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama’s UN envoy mentions Kashmir

Washington, Jan 16: United States ambassador-designate to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has identified Kashmir as one of the hot spots and bracketed it with conflict-torn regions, including the Balkans and Golan heights. The reference to Kashmir came during Rice’s testimony before the Senate foreign relations committee, which held a nomination hearing for her on Thursday. “From the Balkans to East Timor, from Liberia to Kashmir, from Cyprus to the Golan Heights, the United Nations has, for more than six decades, played a critical role in forestalling renewed fighting, helping to resolve conflict and repair war-torn countries, providing humanitarian aid, organising elections, and responding to threats to international peace and security,” Rice said in her testimony. Rice, former assistant secretary of state for African affairs in the Clinton administration, was foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama during his election campaign. After Obama won the November 4 presidential polls, he nominated Rice for US ambassador to the UN, with cabinet rank. In the past too, Rice has identified Kashmir as one of the conflict zones of the world.
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