Thursday, November 27, 2008

Was he insane?

Today outside the press enclave at the Residency road we were engrossed in discussion. It was roadside talk. We were talking about voting, elections and its repercussions. We were laughing, laughing. We had blocked the pedestrian path.
Suddenly a man appeared. He was young. His head shaved, he had long stick. He was shouting. He was in front of us. I got frightened. But my friends were calm.
Kashmiris are great, the stranger shouted. Meanwhile other journalists in press enclave rushed to the spot. I presumed he is some leader. But his getup was not that of any intending leader.
Pedestrians too gathered around. But the man continued his shouts. He repeatedly said “I will give you Azadi.” Some people started laughing. I was frightened. I was worried that he should not hit me on the head. Some of my friends started nodding their head in agreement. He continued his monologue. He was shouting that Kashmiris should respect Kashmiris. Kashmiris should respect sentiment of Kashmiris, they should respect their feelings, he shouted. “If you do this I will give you Azadi,” he shouted and left.
Someone among us said he is insane. Was he?
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