Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sex ratio up from 892 in 2001 to 939 now as per revised electoral rolls

Naseer A Ganai 

Srinagar, September 27: The Election Commission of India’s revision of the electoral rolls in Jammu and Kashmir has put the sex ratio in the state as 938 which is improvement to 2001 census number of 892.

 The 2001 Census had recorded the population of Jammu and Kashmir 101.43 lakhs with over all sex ratio 892 while as the figure was 933 at all India level. The sex-ratio figures of Census department were used by the various NGOs to castigate the state government and it was asked to take concrete steps to improve the ratio by stopping female feticide. Sex ratio is the number of women per 1000 males.
 But the state government had no faith in the figures. In 2006 it carried out a survey to see veracity of the figures involving the Medical and Health Education Department and Planning and Development Department.
 The state government instead of saying that it has no faith in census figures had said: “It is an open secret that the Census 2001 was conducted under trying conditions with various limitations as the field conditions were not favorable to the desired level. It was therefore, felt that the precision of Census 2001 on sex ratio be further improved so that it could be used with more confidence and increased scope.”
 In 2006 the survey on the sex ratio was conducted in all 14 districts of the state and door to door survey was conducted in 550 samples villages spread over 40 CD blocks and 31 urban wards of the state.
 Sources said that the sex-ratio figure was later worked out as 925 which was described by the state government as “more realistic and definitely shows improvement as compared to Census 2001.” The highest sex ratio was found in Ladakh region at 944, followed by Kashmir division at 939 and Jammu division at 901.
 Now the revision of the electoral rolls has shown further improvement in the sex ratio. The senior officials of Electoral Office here say that this time they have gone for extensive survey and the ratio is accurate to a large extent.  
 In Kupwara, sex ratio as per latest revision of the electoral rolls is 917.16. The Census 2001 had put the sex ratio as 906 in the district.
 In contrast to Kupwara, erstwhile Varmul district has sex ratio 928.51. The number is an improvement to the Census 2001 ratio of 903. In the erstwhile Srinagar district the sex ratio is 928.17 which is far better than 851 of 2001 Census.
 The Budgam district has sex ratio 931 as compare to 930 of Census 2001.
 The over all sex-ration in erstwhile Pulwama is 931 as compare to 945 of Census 2001. In Islamabad district the revision has put the ratio as 931.10 as compared to 922 of Census 2001. The Leh district of Kashmir division has sex ratio 977 as compared to 823 of Census 2001. The Kargil district has highest sex ratio in the state with females numbering more than males. The district has 1014.88 sex ratio as compared to 837 of 2001 Census.  
 The erstwhile Jammu district too has shown marked improvement in the sex ratio from 868 of Census 2001 to 976.58 in the revision of the electoral rolls. The erstwhile Kathua district has sex ratio in electoral rolls as 915 as compared to 901 of 2001 Census. The erstwhile Udhampur district has 908 over all sex ratio which is great improvement to 860 figure put forth by 2001 Census. In erstwhile Doda the ratio is 932 as compared to 903 of 2001 Census.

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